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touchfive and touchnew markers for bullet journal

A popular trend for getting one’s life in order these days is a bullet journal. A bullet journal allows users to turn any notebook into their own personal planner. They don’t have to have pre-set pages because they can create their own. No matter the profession or how busy someone is a bullet journal will work for their needs. TouchFive markers are the perfect accessory to accompany a bullet journal habit.

Bullet Journalists have a lot in common. They want the freedom to create their own planners and they want great markers. Bullet journaling is more than just a fad, it’s a way of life. Those who use it can create their own ways to stay organized. They draw their own calendars, graphs, and lists in the order they want. The TouchFive Marker is perfect for those who want to bullet journal and express their creativity.

Not all markers are created equal and some of them can bleed onto other pages effectively ruining the whole journal. The TouchFive markers are alcohol based and dry acid-free. They are fade proof and waterproof which is great for those who journal and like to keep their memories preserved. A marker that doesn’t ghost or fade is ideal for bullet journaling. They are safe and offer a variety of marker heads to create different looks and draw in different styles.

For something a little different, you can also check out the TouchNew which are double-ended markers for more colors in fewer markers. The markers also come with the option to get a carrying case for easy travel. You can choose any color and they'll hold up to eighty markers. These are affordable high-quality markers. If you want a great marker for a bullet journal or a personal journal, then TouchFive is the one for you.